In our Marketplace, people can buy and sell items as well as post classified ads for real estate and motors. In this section, you will learn how to do it with our API.

Listing in different verticals

Listings are divided in the following categories:

Products: Almost anything that can be sold such as a computer, books, shoes, or even a dog.


  • Motors:
  • Real estate:
  • Services:


Anything that is listed to be sold or contracted is an item entity in our API. Every item has an owner. The owner is the user who lists the item.

What happens when I list an Item?

If you want to sell something the first thing you need to do is to list it as an item.

Each item will appear in the listing results of a given search. For example, when a user searches for the query “volante gol”, as a result he will get a list of items. Your item can be in this list.

When someone clicks on an item, the VIP is displayed showing all the information about the item that was provided at the time of listing.

Listing results

The Listing results show 6 attributes: the item title (1) and item subtitle (2), the item price (3), the seller category (4), the quantity sold (5) and the seller address (6)


VIP (View Item Page)

When a user chooses an item from the result, the VIP displays the item details. Information displayed on the VIP:


Items fields

Items URL

  "site_id": "MLB",
  "title": "Volante Rallye Super Surf Gol Parati Saveiro G1 G2 G3 G4 G5",
  "subtitle": "Pode Ser Instalado Em Gm E Fiat /cubo Gratis + Brinde",
  "seller_id": "21346017",
  "category_id": "MLB46653",
  "price": 178.9,
  "initial_quantity": 993,
  "available_quantity": 131,
  "sold_quantity": 1042,
  "pictures": [...],
  "video_id": null,
  "descriptions": [...],
  "seller_address": {...},

Getting this response using our SDK’s

MELI.get("/items/MLB474720094", null, function(data) {
  alert("Title: " + data[2]["title"]);
$meli = new Meli(123456, "application_secret");

$item = $meli->get("/items/MLB474720094", array('access_token' => $_SESSION['access_token']));
Meli m = new Meli(123456, "application_secret");
Response response = m.get("/items/MLB474720094");
Meli m = new Meli(123456, "application_secret");
IRestResponse response = m.Get("/items/MLB474720094");
meli = Meli(client_id=1234, client_secret="a secret")
response = meli.get(path="/items/MLB474720094")
meli =, "application_secret")
response = meli.get("/items/MLB474720094")

Take a look at the response retrieved. It has a lot of parameters. Use OPTIONS http method to get a JSON encoded response that will describe the API, with all the allowed methods and connections between another part of the API. It is a standard format to get API documentation. In this guide, we will cover only the above-mentioned.

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