API Directory

REST API Resources.


Users and Apps

Under users and apps you will find all resources related to MercadoLibre users, applications and scopes.

Resource Description Example
/users/{Cust_id} Returns user public information such as nickname, country, user type and reputation, specified by user_id. If the user is logged, more information will be available. GET   PUT

/users/{Cust_id}/addresses?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Returns user’s addresses specified by user_id. This resource requires an access token. GET

/users/{Cust_id}/accepted_payment_methods Returns payment methods accepted by a seller to collect its operations. GET

Categories and Listings

Use the correct site for your application, you can pick from MLA, MLB among other and their respective categories and type of publications.
Retrieves the categories availables from the site.

Resource Description Example
/sites Returns information about the sites where MercadoLibre is available. GET

/sites/{Site_id} Returns information about an specific MercadoLibre’s site. GET

/site_domains/{Site_domain_url} Returns information about the domain. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/listing_types Returns information about listing types. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/listing_exposures Returns different exposure levels associated with all listing types in MercadoLibre. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/listing_prices?price={Price} Returns the listing price for selling and buying in MercadoLibre. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/categories Returns available categories in the site. GET

/categories/{Category_id} Returns information about a category. GET

/categories/{Category_id}/attributes Displays attributes and rules over them in order to describe the items that are stored in each category. Rules are executed while posting the item. So the current attribute settings may be inconsistent with items which have been posted with another configuration. GET

Locations and Currencies

Resources which provide regional information, countries, cities and currency.

Resource Description Example
/countries Returns countries information. GET

/countries/{Country_id} Returns country information by country_id. GET

/states/{State_id} Returns state information. GET

/cities/{City_id} Returns city information. GET

/currencies Returns information about all available currencies in MercadoLibre. GET

/currencies/{Currency_id} Returns information about available currencies in MercadoLibre by currency_id. GET

/currency_conversions/search?from={Currency_id}&to={Currency_id} Retrieves the conversion ratio between currencies that MercadoLibre uses in calculations. GET

/countries/{Country_id}/zip_codes/{Zip_code} Retrieves data for the location of the zip code entered GET

Items and Searches

The heart of MercadoLibre API, the resources for searching and managing items.

Resource Description Example
/items Allows managing listings. POST

/items/{Item_id} Returns information about an item. GET PUT

/items/validate Allows to test a json used to list an item. POST

/items/{Item_id}/available_upgrades Returns the data to change the listing type of an item. GET

/items/{Item_id}/relist Allows to relist an item. POST

/items/{Item_id}/pictures Returns all item’s pictures. GET POST

/pictures/{Picture_id} Returns information about an item’s picture. GET

/items/{Item_id}/description Returns the description for an item. GET PUT

/sites/{Site_id}/search?q=ipod Retrieves items from a search query. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/searchUrl?q=ipod Search for any item in MercadoLibre. It will return an array of items that match the search criteria. GET

/sites/MLA/search?category={Category_id}&official_store_id=all Search for all items listed by Official Stores for a given category. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/hot_items/search?limit=5&category={Category_id} Retrieves an array of hot items from a specified category by parameter. Works only with the first level of categories. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/featured_items/HP-{Category_Id} Retrieves an array of featured items. The featured items are items that have a special exposure at home page or categories page. You can use only HP for products of home or HP-{categId} for featured by category. Only works with first level of categories. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/trends/search?category={Category_id} Retrieve an array of the trends items from the category specified by parameter. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/search?seller_id={Seller_id}&category={Category_id} Search items by seller_id for a category. GET

/users/{Cust_id}/items/search?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Send your Cust_id and your access_token to get data about your own items. GET

/items/{Item_id}/product_identifiers/ Retrieves the product identifier codes associated to your item. GET PUT

Order Management

The core of the business: the transactions. Using the order resources, can easily access to purchases, give feedback and follow any order

Resource Description Examples
/orders/search?seller={Seller_id}&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Search the orders from a seller. GET

/orders/search?buyer={Buyer_id}&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Search the orders from a buyer. GET

/payments/{Payment_id}?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Returns data for a payment, according to the profile of the sender of the payment. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/payment_methods Returns the payment methods provided by MercadoPago. GET

/orders/{Order_id}/feedback?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Get the feedback received from a buyer or seller in an order. GET POST

/order/{Order_id}/feedback/sale SEND SALE FEEDBACK. PUT

/order/{Order_id}/feedback/purchase Retrieves data from a feedback made by buyer. GET PUT

/feedback/{Feedback_id}&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Change feedback. PUT

/feedback/{Feedback_Id}/reply Retrieves data from a feedback made by seller. PUT

/users/{Seller_id}/order_blacklist Retrieves all users blocked to bid on a seller items. GET POST DELETE

For more information about working with online payments check MercadoPago


Using these resources, you can access deliveries, send tracking numbers, and much more.

Resource Description Example
/shipments/{Shipment_id} Retrieves all data to make a delivery. GET PUT

/items/{Item_id}/shipping_options Retrieves all methods available to send the product. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/shipping_methods Retrieves shipping modes available in a country. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/shipping_services Retrieves shipping services available in a country. GET

/sites/{Site_id}/shipping_options?zip_code_from={Zip_code}&zip_code_to={Zip_code}&dimensions={Dimensions} Retrieves the cost of a shipping. Shipping cost calculator per country. GET

/users/{Cust_id}/shipping_modes?category_id={Category_id} Retrieves methods available to list a item of a user. GET

/users/{Cust_id}/shipping_options?zip_code={Zip_code}&dimensions={Dimensions} Retrieves the cost of a shipping. Shipping cost calculator. GET

/users/{Cust_id}/shipping_preferences Retrieves all shipping modes and services available to user. GET

/orders/{Order_id}/shipments Retrieves data of the shipping methods chosen. GET

/shipment_labels Allows print the ticket for send the order. GET


Ask question, receive answers.

Resource Description Example
/questions/search?item={Item_id}&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Search any question made to user products. GET

/questions/{Item_id} Ask questions. POST

/answers Answer questions. POST

/questions/{Question_id} Retrieves information for an specific question id. GET

/users/{Seller_id}/questions_blacklist?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Check an user questions blacklist. GET POST DELETE

/my/received_questions/search Received questions by user. GET